Artist’s Statement

Ziricote and figured maple lift-top jewelry box. Matanda Wood

Ziricote and figured maple lift-top jewelry box.

I have been creating things out of wood nearly all my life, first working as a child with my father, then building my own home and finally turning to fine woodworking. Along the way, I became obsessed with balance, precision and finish while creating original designs. As my skills progressed, I became a regular exhibitor in several regional juried art shows. I’m pleased that my signed works are now located around the world, from Stockholm, Sweden to Jakarta, Indonesia and Beijing, China.

I have worked with more than 93 species of hardwood. Each has its own beauty and personality.



Vic Barr Routing an Edge

Vic Barr Routing an Edge

My purpose and my challenge is to create useful art that is one with nature. My passion is to reveal and share the wonder hidden beneath the bark of the trees of the world.

My perfectionist tendencies drive the execution of each piece. I’m happiest in my workshop – designing and creating pieces that enhance the beauty of the woods of the world. They are spectacular in their own right, so I only use clear finishes on my pieces. And if I can reuse heritage woods that have historical value or hold special meaning for a family, well, that’s even more satisfying.


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