Jigsaw Puzzle Box Story

The story behind the puzzle box:

In preparation for her wedding, a young woman wanted a special gift for her new husband, but didn’t have anything specific in mind.  As we talked, she mentioned that their in relationship they were as close as two pieces of a puzzle, which sparked the idea of a pair of jigsaw puzzle-shaped boxes.

She excitedly enlarged on that concept by asking for their names to be engraved on each of the boxes and a couplet from a favorite poem on the inside of each, completing the poem.

I designed and built for this pair of fitted boxes for her husband.  The two boxes fit together and are engraved with their names on the tops and different lines from a two-line couplet on the insides of the tops. The dimensions of each puzzle piece are 9″wide X 3″high X 9″deep.

The finished project is replete with symbolism, from the oak of the boxes, symbolizing the durability of their devotion to each other to the highly personal and meaningful open poem fragments that complete each other.  What a pleasure it was to deliver this piece to a happy client!

Jigsaw Puzzle Box Storyvicbarr4