Diplomat, Old Ironsides

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The wood in this pen came from the hull of USS Constitution when the ship was in drydock in 1993.  It was chiseled from the hull timbers as distressed wood was being replaced with sound, new wood.  I visited the ship while on a business trip to Boston that year and acquired a few of the pieces from that repair and refit session, enough to produce no more than 40 pens. Because of the extremely limited supply of wood I'm only selling the pens made from this piece of Navy history to those who, like me, have naval or maritime backgrounds and will, thus, appreciate the embedded heritage.  Each pen is accompanied by a certificate identifying the wood and the recipient of the pen as well as its limited edition number.

This particular pen is of the Diplomat style.  Any style pen I produce may be purchased in Old Ironsides wood.  Each pen is priced at 50% over the normal pen style price.

Out of stock

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