Quality Commitment

Box elder and elm upright box

Box elder and elm upright box

At Matanda, Vic Barr handcrafts beautiful wood objects to his exacting specifications. Whether an executive writing instrument, a jewelry cabinet or box, a wall clock, shelf unit or custom piece, his work combines traditional craftsmanship, design artistry and the finest wood. The results are functional works
of art.

I’m happiest in my workshop—designing a new and challenging piece, making the all the parts fit perfectly and enhancing the beauty of the wood.

Vic is committed to three principles:

  • Precision
  • Balance
  • Finish

His designs are pleasingly proportioned, with an eye toward creating balance and symmetry. Color, texture and shape are considered carefully, enhancing and highlighting the marriage of wood with the object’s form.

Vic combines time-honored techniques of fine cabinetry with the best modern tools, using brass or hardened anodized steel screws for durability that can be measured in centuries. The final touch is a hand-rubbed finish that imparts a satiny glow. Embellishments include reclaimed ivory, ebony and metals thickly plated in high-karat gold or platinum.

My perfectionist tendencies drive the execution of each piece.


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