Construction Techniques

Vic Barr Routing an Edge

Vic Barr Routing an Edge

Matanda pieces are constructed using time-honored tools and techniques of fine cabinetry, as well as the best modern tools and highest quality wood adhesives and finishes.

Some pieces feature raised panel, rail-and-stile construction, creating the effect of a subtle, three-dimensional frame around the central panel. Others exhibit the clean, free-flowing lines of today’s most contemporary art and furnishings. In pieces that require joinery, Vic reinforces carefully fitted miters with metal or wood splines for exceptional strength. Often, he achieves the mark of master craftsmanship—a joint that is virtually invisible.

Drawers and doors are precision-fitted. Adhesives, when necessary, are of the highest quality. Hardware and screws are brass or hardened steel. The fittings of pens are gold or platinum-plated. Exceptional pieces are embellished with salvaged ivory or ebony.


Finally, Vic applies a hand-rubbed finish.


Armoire Figured Walnut And Curly Maple Jewelry Armoire No Canvas OpenDepending on the wood, he uses nitrocellulose lacquer, polyurethane or Danish oil. The lacquer or polyurethane is applied in thin layers to create a satiny glow that protects the wood without changing its natural colors. Oil finishes penetrate the wood and bring out subtle texture and colors that are otherwise elusive. Both types protect the wood from wear, natural skin oils and damage from most liquids.

“People tell me that my finishes are what distinguish my work,” Vic says. “On some of the pieces, I spend 40 percent of my time on the finish. Because it’s the last thing I do and the first thing a buyer sees.”

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